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Cafeteros Cycling Club

Diego at Fitchburg
Fitchburg 2007

Cafeteros in Colombia
Colombia 2007

Tour de Ephrata 2007

Cafeteros is an amateur cycling club based in Fairfield county (CT) and Westchester county (NY), founded several years ago by local racers. The club name and "coffee-bean" logo were inspired by the founders' Colombian roots.

The club is focused on racing and is a member of USA Cycling, the umbrella organization for competitive cycling in the US.  Cafeteros has over 30 members of diverse backgrounds and ages and the majority compete in local and regional races.

Cafeteros Cycling Club at Housatonic race, 2008
Cafeteros Cycling Club at Housatonic race, 2008

Cafeteros at the Capital Regions 2006
Photo: Barry Koblenz
Cafeteros at New York Capital Regions race 2006
Sue at Fitchburg
Fitchburg 2007

David enjoys the podium
Colombia 2007, podium girls

Tour de Ephrata 2007

Pictures and report from masters race in Colombia 2009, Colombia 2008, Colombia 2007,


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Contact: Thomas Coleman, Club Secretary, secretary@cafeteroscycling.com